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Writer Rates and Math

Earlier today I received an invitation to interview for a gig on Odesk – writing SEO articles for an ecommerce site/company. I have some experience writing SEO articles and it’s not as easy as you might think it is. Anyway, as I was considering the offer I couldn’t help doing the math based on the terms of the contract:

Fixed rate – $1000 ($900 after Odesk’s 10% fee)
Minimum 5 articles per week; 750-850 words per article
Project/Contract duration: 6 months (26 weeks)

According to my calculations, it boils down to 130 articles total at $6.92 per article; $34.61 per week. In the larger picture I thought “Who can live on $900 ($150/month) for 6 months?” Is it me or is this another example of a client trying to get high-quality something for next to nothing? Or is my math incorrect?

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