The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

Services & Rates

As a wordsmith and one who relishes the chance to use the written word for communicating a message. I can provide a variety of services related to creating/revising content to communicate with an audience. I am available for short and long-term projects. at very reasonable hourly or per project rates.

Services/Areas of Expertise

  • Create content from scratch or old documents
  • Editing/revising existing content for clarity, organization, information flow
  • Proofreading for accurate/correct grammar, usage, punctuation, etc.
  • Document conversion from Word to Acrobat PDF or vice versa
  • Formatting/reformatting to comply with company standards and/or styles
  • Template and form development/creation
  • Website Review/Analysis (layout, navigation, verifying hyperlinks, proofreading)


  • Blog post
  • SEO Article
  • Press Release
  • White Paper
  • Company Operations Manual
  • How-to guide/manual
  • Newsletter content
  • Software User Guide


This is entirely dependent on what you need from me. Contact me to discuss details!


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