The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

Clients & Testimonials

Yvonne F. Brown – CEO/Founder of JAD Communications, LLC, 6/2015 – Present,

  • Detailed review and analysis of the website, including suggestions for new content, layout changes, and navigation. Many have already been implemented.
  • Created new content for four (4) blog articles to be posted on the website regarding options and choices for Newly Retired Baby Boomers.

Mary Romano – Founder of Chicagoans in the Desert, LLC, 4/2015 – Present,

On an “as needed”/on-call basis, I work on various writing and editing/proofreading projects on behalf of the founder and CITD business members. Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC is a Chamber of Commerce serving former Midwesterners from the Chicagoland area who now own businesses in the Southwest. Here’s what Mary says about my work:

“Deena’s expert knowledge of proper English language and etiquette has served to be “quite the little asset” for Chicagoans In The Desert and our Business Members. She is passionate, reliable and pleasant to deal with.” July 17, 2015, Mary managed Deena at Chicagoans In The Desert, LLC

Jeff Lefler – CEO/Founder of, 8/2014 – 6/2015,

Working as a ghostwriter for the company’s CEO (Jeff Lefler), I wrote the content for more than 36 blog articles that were posted on various websites related to the franchising business and social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The target audience for these articles is the growing number of people who are thinking of buying into a franchise, and focuses on the critical need to perform due diligence. Here’s what Jeff had to say about my work for him:

“Deena delivers great results when creating a variety of our content for blogs, press releases or other communications. Her creative thinking, content writing expertise and experience has made her easy to work with. She continually delivers results well above and beyond what is expected.” March 26, 2015, Jeff managed Deena at

As a freelance writer for oDesk and Elance (now combined as, I have had the pleasure of writing a variety of documents for a variety of clients across disparate industries. Listed below are a few highlights of past clients and the projects I worked on for them.

Upside Group Franchise Consulting, 7/2010-4/2014, 

As a technical/manual writer I created customized start-up and reference manuals for clients who were in the process of preparing to franchise their business. The clients whose manuals I worked on represent a wide range of franchise business.

  • Upscale cat grooming services
  • Commercial and residential property renovation
  • Water and gas-leak detection services)
  • Child-care/activities facility
  • Pole-dancing Fitness facility
  • Specialized physical fitness facility

Franchise documents included a full suite of materials to help the franchisee from start to finish:

  • Jumpstart Guide to Getting Started as a Franchisee
  • Business Operations (1-2 volumes)
  • Grand Opening/How-to Guide
  • Employee Handbook(s)

Street Adviser Neighborhood Reviews, 6/2010-11/2010,

  • Local Expert Reviews of 24 Chicago neighborhood reviews, and posts/discussions (58) of things to do in Chicago, favorite places, special events, museums, tours, etc.

Tech Guy Web Solutions, 5/2010,

The company works with customers to develop customized websites for their business. I was hired to write six (6) articles as guest blogger for the company’s website. Topics:



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