The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

About Me

Writing is a passion for me. Early in life, I learned that indeed “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  Alas, the pen has evolved into a keyboard. However, the power is choosing just the appropriate set of words to convey a particular thought. That’s what I’m really good at.

It’s been a long journey from keeping a diary as  child, to writing technical manuals and user guides, and now to “creative writing” for the internet. Meanwhile for nearly 40 years I have continued writing in a personal, hand-written journal. Some thoughts are just not meant to be shared with the public!

The main reason I started this blog at this time is have a portfolio my favorite (and most popular) articles I have written since 2005, when I first began to pursue creative writing as a hobby. Many of these were posted on various “content mill” sites that either paid nothing at all or paid based on number of views. Initially, I was less interested in pay than I was in getting exposure. To some extent, the latter remains true. However in recent years my knowledge base has been expanded through life experiences and professional writing gigs so my passion for writing – professionally or as a hobby – continues.


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