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Rate Rant

Just HAVE to share this! A month or so ago I was offered a gig to do some extensive proofreading/editing of a detailed business operations manual, some 200-250 pages. The rate the client offered was 33 CENTS PER PAGE!!! That was my joke of the week! REALLY???? What writer/editor worth their salt would work for that rate – in THIS country??? They might as well have offered my a handful of peanuts!


Fall Update

Hard to believe this year is already more than half over and Fall has just begun. And what a year it’s been for this writer. Quite a mix of the good, the bad , and the ugly. At this point I’m trying to get back into blogging (instead of or in addition to writing for clients) so I’m starting with updating this blog and website. I’m also on a bit of a hiatus from client projects (aka between clients, looking for new clients/writing opportunities).

There are so many things I want to write about! My folder of topics just keeps growing and growing. I hope to make some headway during this hiatus. Bear with me!

Thanks for reading!

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