The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

Hello 2015!

Ah yes, a new calendar year has begun. Like most people, I’m starting it off with some tentative plans and projects; with renewed optimism that it WILL be a prosperous year. In truth, my personal “new year” doesn’t begin until my birthday in February. That gives me more time to flesh out my plans – without the pressure of scrambling to do it during the already stressful holiday season. It also adds more significance to my own natal anniversary, because in fact, that date is the beginning of a new year for ME.

I haven’t yet decided if I will continue this as a blog or simply keep it as a repository for my work. I haven’t really kept up with it as a blog in the conventional sense. It’s time-consuming. And until my freelance career becomes much more lucrative, it behooves me to chase down work gigs, clients, and projects with more definite potential for income – as opposed to all the marketing to promote/get people to click a link to my blog, with a further off-chance that someone will read it and contact me for an engagement.

As 2015 approached then dawned last week, I realized it was a milestone year for me. It was about Jan 2005 that I began to dabble in the realm of freelance writing, mostly as a hobby. it took another 5 years to actually start using my talent and skills to pursue work/income as a “freelance writer”.  That worked out well and I was on my way! Not lucrative but a definite ‘foot in the door’ with income. After 5 more years, still not lucrative but I’m getting steady work – which is better than no work/no income.

As time goes on, I know I will continue to indulge my passion for writing as a last bastion of communication, in this 21st century world where abbreviated and cryptic text messages, bad English, and the still unpolished/rudimentary TTS (Text To Speech) technology becomes “de rigueur” (common-place/socially acceptable). The only question is HOW I will continue the battle, carry the flag, and spread the message – that written communication is one of the few things that separates us humans from the animal kingdom.


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