The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!


With the slow/imminent death of “content mills” like Yahoo Voices and Helium, I’m guessing it’s a matter of time before others follow like Triond, Ezine Articles, HubPages and other places where I’ve posted content since 2005 when I was just starting out. The effort to make sure I still have the original content has turned into a big project. Part of it has been that I also re-discovered several old blogs I’d written, back in the days when blogging was such a new/popular thing to do.

As I was working today to organize/download/retrieve my content from the various sites, I wondered – how do other writers like me keep up with their content? Do you have an offline copy/version of everything you’ve written/submitted? Do you keep/maintain a list/spreadsheet of every item and site where you’ve posted?

As a start, I’ve created a “catalog” in Word of all the sites I can think of where I’ve posted an article/blog since 2005. Suggestions are appreciated!

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