The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

Consider this: You’re working at a job you absolutely HATE for whatever reason. You want to quit, or have even decided to quit. As a courtesy, you want to let your supervisor/manager know of your decision/intention to resign – give the proper 1-2 weeks notice. But have you ever sat down and actually typed a draft of your resignation letter/email? I have. It was a very liberating experience. And in a few cases the draft turned into the real thing – with more editing, of course for professionalism. You don’t want to burn a bridge – you might want or need to get a recommendation from the source of your dismay/dissatisfaction for your next gig. That said, it is innocuous but cathartic to sit down and write a semi-professional resignation letter. Just make sure you do NOT press the Send button unless you really are prepared to burn the bridge!

This can work even if you are a contract/freelance writer. Here’s an example I wrote a few months ago.

Dear [Supervisor Name]:

I have some news that will change my status/availability to work on your writing projects. I’ve won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes prize of $1M a year for life! So obviously, I won’t need to work at [their company] any more for [whatever they were paying].

I am giving my [notice period-days or weeks], effective [Date]. I hope that’s enough time to transition my projects to another writer. (If not, let’s talk/negotiate.)

I’ve thought about staying on contract with your company even though I don’t need to. But I realized that I can’t fulfill a weekly commitment. I expect to be too busy in my “Millionaire Lifestyle” to block out the time for that. Perhaps if needed, I can do some short projects on a fixed-rate basis. (Proofreading, prepping for final delivery, side projects, etc.) .

I know this news is a big shock to you. Winning this prize was a big shock to me! But as a tech/geek, I started thinking/planning for this life-changing event over a month ago. Going forward, I hope to get back to my first writing love – creative writing/journaling. There’s SOOO much I can do now that money is not an issue.

Best regards,


I didn’t win the big PCH prize, but it felt SO good to write this resignation letter/e-message!


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