The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

What a week, what a day for this freelance writer in search of a paid writing opportunity. So many great leads to follow up on, so much to research, so many learning moments, so many more ideas…..

Today’s food for thought: Did You Know….That a freelance writer is considered “self-employed” and therefore is NOT eligible for Unemployment Insurance in most states? Well, you might have known that you’re self-employed through dealings with the IRS. But I found it interesting that the self-employed are mostly not entitled to/eligible for any UI (unemployment) benefits. What are we supposed to use for money (for rent, food, bills) when between paying gigs?

Trying to answer that question led me to numerous sites beyond those where you can apply for your state’s welfare benefits. For example….. Did you know there are sites where you can apply for grant/loan funds specifically for writers? A popular one is Funds for Writers

I must warn you: Searching that site and any others that you may find re: getting funded as a self-employed freelance writer is going to require at least as much time and effort as simply searching for your next gig. You’ll have to choose what you want to spend your time on. Hmmmm…..A rock or a hard place? Being faced with such a choice makes it not fun to be a grown-up. 

Happy Saturday/Mom’s Day Weekend!


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